Signe Fribo Jeppesen

Songs of Lizzie


Lizzie Fribo Jeppesen, born 1941 in Denmark, is a composer and a pianist. She is educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, but her most important education she has received before that, from the home of her childhood. At the age of eight she used to sit under the grand piano and listen to her mother playing. Sometimes it sounded like thunder, and then she decided that one day she wanted to write music of her own. Since she is my mother, and I'm brought up with her music, I want to make a page for her. So here you can listen to recordings of some of her music. Lizzie also used to paint a lot and has made illustrations for most of her songs. Right here on the page you can see one of her drawings, a lady leaning against a tree.

Songs of Lizzie Fribo Jeppesen from a concert in Copenhagen 2019.

Signe Fribo Jeppesen - voice, Ida Kühn Riegels - cello, Amalie Hersnack Grunnet - piano, Kriestoffer Hersnack Grunnet - piano.

This recording is from 1983 with a children's choir. It is a collection of songs called "In my thougts". The pictures you will see in the video are of her own children and grandchildren.

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